Many observers see Russia’s war against Ukraine as the product of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s narcissistic personality and megalomaniacal quest for glory. But, what if the genesis of Putin’s war was actually sown decades ago in the rise of Soviet Imperialism and the actions of another brutal dictator, Joseph Stalin?  That tantalizing theory is explored in the shocking new novel, Who Has Buried The Dead, the third book by successful author and career law enforcement officer KGE “Chuck” Konkel.

“After years of in-depth research, I believe I have discovered one of the last great secrets of the Second World War,” said Konkel.   Who Has Buried The Dead is based on historical facts so critical to the emerging world order that the NKVD, Gestapo and the Allies led a desperate search, using any and all means, at their disposal- including murder- to locate it for their own uses. Yet somehow its very existence has not been factored into histories of the Second World War.

Russia’s brutal leveling of Ukraine’s cities, indiscriminate killings and political mass murders greatly resemble what happened in the forests of Katyn in Belarus over eighty years ago and represent an extension of the reality of Stalin’s Russia in the Second World War.  That legacy lives on in Putin’s attack on western democracy.  Who Has Buried The Dead provides profound historical insights into the mindsets of Soviet hierarchy, its naively loyal base and the threats binding them blindly to their supreme leader, both then and now.

With its complex mix of historical figures and fictitious personalities, one is left questioning whether Who Has Buried The Dead is a work of nuanced historical fiction or of detailed historical fact?  Is Putin really working from Stalin’s playbook, and if so what is his endgame? Ultimately, that is for the individual reader to decide.  A gripping tale about a topic ripped from today’s headlines.

Available in trade paper 8.5 x 55” format for 28.95 Canadian 354 pages